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Established in 2012 and headed by Managing Director Shaun Heap, the KDM Group has its headquarters strategically located in Teesside. Over the years, the company has undergone substantial growth, evolving into a prominent provider of professional services and specialised recruitment solutions. These services cater to businesses that operate within both domestic and international markets.

Whether placing staff permanently, or delivering through a professional services arrangement, we are focused on providing our clients with high calibre professionals specialising in Contract and Commercial Management, Cost Engineering, Planning and Scheduling, Project Management, Construction Management and Digital Solutions.

Our Values

Our clients

Clients are at the heart of everything we do, we listen  to their needs, understand their challenges, and tailor our services to exceed their expectations. We endeavour to build partnerships based on trust, transparency, and a deep commitment to delivering value. We continually pursuing excellence in our services, leverage innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies. Never afraid of embracing change, we continually seek ways to evolve, adapt, and deliver solutions that propel our clients forward in an ever-changing business landscape.


Is non-negotiable for us; we uphold the highest ethical standards in all our interactions. Our commitment to honesty, fairness, and transparency is unwavering, ensuring that we operate with integrity in every aspect of our business.


We believe success for our clients is underpinned with collaboration,, so we foster a culture that encourages teamwork, communication, and knowledge sharing. Together, we harness the collective expertise of our teams to tackle complex challenges and drive remarkable outcomes.


People are the foundation that businesses are built upon, so here at the KDM Group we invest in our people, empowering them to reach their full potential. We provide opportunities for continuous learning, growth, and development, fostering an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, as well as personal and professional advancement.

Equality & Diversity

Essential within our workplace, we are committed to being neuro-inclusive and strive to provide an environment where people can utilise their strengths allowing themselves to naturally manifest within the workplace, which allows for continued growth and improvement.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to making a positive impact beyond our business. We actively engage in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of our communities, championing sustainability and striving to create a better world through our actions and engagements.


This is paramount to us. We take ownership of our commitments and deliver on our promises. We are accountable for our actions and the results we achieve. Our dedication to achieving measurable outcomes ensures we consistently deliver value and drive success for our clients and ourselves.


“At the KDM Group, our values unite us, inspire us, and drive us forward as we navigate the dynamic landscape of professional services. We are firmly committed to excellence, integrity, and the success of our clients and communities.”

Shaun Heap – Managing Director

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With more than 30 years industry experience,  KDM Partnership was set up to compliment, adapt and strengthen its various clients in-house resourcing capability. As a result, the business has seen steady growth and increased market attractiveness, primarily through the provision of Cost, Contract & Commercial Management, Project Management and Planning & Scheduling resource.

We have an increasing portfolio of industry leading organisations, across the full client investment spectrum including, major capital projects, maintenance arenas, shutdowns and turnarounds and in 2021 the business expanded its capability into the Digital Transformation industry, supporting one of its major clients in their delivery of a national digital transformation project.

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A newer business formed in March 2021, setting out to provide a viable and attractive alternative to what we saw as an ever-increasing standardised approach to recruitment.

Here at KDM Recruitment we pride ourselves on challenging the status quo, increasing value to our clients, setting ourselves apart from our competitors and offering a Tailored Resource Solution.

What we believe makes us different is over 50 years combined experience in our markets and sectors, the knowledge of what “good” looks like in our talent pools, a high success rate of candidate placement, and a robust recruitment methodology. Our primary objective is on the client’s return on investment and operating as an extension to their business.


KDM offer a variety of Professional Services to help you achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively. With a focus on accuracy, compliance, and client satisfaction, we offer end-to-end solutions that will help you optimise your resources, mitigate risks, and maximize the success of business objectives

Contract Administration & Auditing

Commercial & Cost Management

Planning & Scheduling

Project Management

Construction Management

Digital Solutions

Sectors We Operate In

Working extensively across the Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Infrastructure & Construction, Petrochemical & Process and Life Sciences sectors, our focus is on our clients ever changing landscape, maintaining close partnerships with them and ensuring that their needs remain firmly at the heart of our business.  

It is this focus that enables us to continually refine and improve our services and we believe passionately that for this reason, leading organisations continue to choose us in supporting their resourcing needs. 


Oil & Gas

Petrochemical & Process

Infrastructure & Construction

Power & Energy

Life Sciences

Our Mission

“To continue to work closely with our clients, understand their needs, and deliver Tailored Resource Solutions through the provision of high calibre Cost, Contract, Planning, Project Management, Engineering, and Construction Management personnel.”

Shaun Heap
Managing Director

Professional Project Services
Understanding “The Need Behind The Need”

About our Partners

Globally active in the petrochemical industry, mining and metals, civil construction and energy sectors including  nuclear, conventional, offshore and onshore wind.

This business employs approximately 7,000 people globally across 90 offices and branches and is a global leader in the provision of Heavy lifting, Transport and Crane rental

A leading international infrastructure group with 25,000 employees across the UK, US and Hong Kong. They operate with Infrastructure Investments, Construction and Support Services delivering sustainable solutions,  financed, developed, built and maintained. They operate within the increasingly complex and critical infrastructure that supports national economies and deliver projects at the heart of local communities.

A highly successful, global Cost and Project Management Consultancy with industry-leading expertise in their chosen fields. With a global presence Linesight work in exciting, innovative sectors including Lifesciences, Food & Beverage, High tech industrial and Healthcare with some of the most powerful and prestigious companies in the world. They deliver major projects enabling new technologies, better healthcare, and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

One of the world’s leading engineering and professional services firms. With 67,000 employees united by the common purpose, that is creating positive, long-lasting impacts on the communities they serve through a culture of innovation, integrity, and inclusion.

WSP operate in Transport & Infrastructure, Property and  environmental sectors as well as providing Digital advisory services.

An industrial services provider with over 30,000 employees covering the entire value chain from consulting, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and plant expansion to TAR’s and digital applications.

They deliver services in two service lines: Engineering & Maintenance and Technologies. Primarily active in Europe, North America and the Middle East within the energy, chemical, petrochemical, pharma & biopharma and oil & gas sectors

One of the first companies to ever receive the BSI Kitemark for innovation , Costain employ over 3500 people and offer consultancy and advisory services rooted in project delivery experience and leveraging a broad range of capabilities including Digital technology solutions and complex programme deliveries.

They operate with the Rail, Integrated transport, Road, Water, Energy and Defence & Nuclear sectors.

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